Delyan Raychev

Delyan Raychev

Hi! 👋 I am Delyan Raychev. I am a Software Engineer and an Engineering Leader in the San Francisco Bay Area. I specialize in building and leading teams that develop large-scale, mission-critical systems & platforms for financial SaaS products.

Currently I am the Head of Kubernetes Platform Software Engineering at Intuit where my passions intersect: I am building and leading effective, high-performing teams as well as engineering large scale systems and infrastructure for critical financial SaaS products.

Some of the most recent proud moments of my career:

I find inspiration and derive energy from collaboration with like-minded and driven teammates. I am influenced by luminaries like Mozart, Dijkstra, and Knuth.

On The Web

  1. is my daily record of links & notes from interesting things I find
  2. /blog is where I post long-form opinion on writing on #1 above
  3. is a substack focused specifically on deep dives through old and beautiful source code
  4. GitHub: {draychev,delqn}
  5. SourceHut:

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